Are you interested in learning more about SPARCRequest or about how this research management system might work at YOUR institution? Let us help you!

Your first step to begin the SPARC evaluation process is to. Contact us at 843-792-8300 or success@musc.edu. Once contacted, a member of our team will put you in touch with the appropriate SPARC team member.After you’ve spoken to our team, set aside some time to learn and explore all that SPARCRequest has to offer.

The SPARC team suggests setting up a one hour web demo, for you and your key stakeholders, in order to get a better feel for how the system works, what it does, its flexibility, and its potential value at your institution. From here, we can coordinate a demo time. We are happy to work around your busy schedules!

During the initial demonstration, please feel free to ask questions – does the system do this?; will the system eventually do that?; what does it take to implement and maintain the software? what system support do you offer? etc.?

Your institution may need multiple presentations as more and more stakeholders become involved – that’s ok! We’re more than happy to help you make the right decision and we’ll gladly take any opportunity to show you our system! Request as many demonstrations/discussions as you need to feel comfortable before making a decision to implement. Most of our demonstrations are available through recordings and can be downloaded from our SPARCRequest so feel free to access them anytime!

We’ve also included some helpful documents for your review that address some of the most common questions we get during this phase. 

 Resource Estimates to Install and Maintain SPARCRequest
 Open Source License

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  1. Hi,

    I am new member to CTSI team, I have deployed the sparc version on my development side application was working fine. Because of some application requirement I had to make the changes in my application.yml file in config folder. So I did those changes in application.yml.example file and then replaced the existed application.yml file with application.yml.example.

    So the new application.yml have all the modification which I wanted . But after this when I am running my application Phusion passenger is giving me error:

    application.yml not found, see config/application.yml.example

    But the application.yml is present in my application , i have just modified its content.

    I have only added this line in my application.yml file:
    user_portal_link: ‘http://localhost/portal’

    And after that it’s not working.

    Can you please help me out and also please let me know if there is a sparc community (google group) where I can join you.



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