Milestone: 2017 SPARCRequest Open Source Governance Retreat

Dear SPARC OS Community,

We are proud to announce that MUSC hosted the 1st annual SPARCRequest Open Source Governance Retreat on June 19th to 21st, 2017, with 4 CTSA Hubs (Iowa, Utah, Children’s National, MUSC) and 1 IDeA State CTR Hub (LA CaTS) participated, which represent 20 institutions.

The national SPARCRequest Open Source Governance is comprised of Steering Subcommittee, Technical Subcommittee, Operational Logistics Subcommittee, as well as an Evaluation Team. MUSC, Iowa and Utah were awarded a CTSA Grant Administrative Supplement Award to support the development of this governance structure that will support sustainability, co-development and institutional adoption of SPARCRequest. The Administrative Supplement is a 2 year award from NCATS with a total award of $853,998. This is an exciting opportunity for us to expand SPARC to other CTSA Hubs and the IDeA State CTR Hubs and to explore options to support the national CTSA Trial Innovation Network.

The highlights of this 2017 retreat includes:

  1. Agreement on branding and promotion of SPARCRequest. The OS governance group defined  SPARCRequest as a “Research Transaction Management System” for clarifying its functionality and branding;
  2. Experience and lessons learnt through the SPARC implementation process were shared among institutions;
  3. Each institution demonstrated their site-specified customization during the retreat;
  4. Prioritization of the SPARC OS project task list was discussed;
  5. Technical team members worked collaboratively during the Code-A-Thon to initiate the clean code base and convert the configuration and constants settings in the application into database (and eventually through user interface) to make the adoption/deployments easier.


We are looking forward to the future collaborations with our OS partners for further improvement to SPARCRequest!

-The SPARC Team



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