New Release: SPARCRequest Version 2.0.5 & SPARCFulfillment Version 2.5.0

Dear SPARC OS Community,

We have tagged the new releases of SPARCRequest(v2.0.5) and SPARCFulfillment(v2.5.0) on the MUSC branch on GitHub, as well as the OS branch. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Check out the link below for the new features and bug fixes included with the new release!

170509-SPARCRequest v2.0.5+SPARCFulfillment v2.5.0

Below is a list of the rake tasks and configuration changes that needs to be done with this release:


1). Bundle exec rake data:update_protocol_filters

2). Add sparc-rails_backup database entry to database.yml

3). Bundle exec rake data:fix_notes_with_wrong_dates (for fixing the wrong note dates from a past migration on 6/20/2016, using notes data from a backup version)

4).Application.yml change:
set up site_admins
and update users for epic_queue_access

5). Application.yml change:
set up redcap_token for the SPARC/RedCap API


6). Bundle exec rake data:replace_arm_name_special_characters


For more information, please contact:


-The SPARC Team


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