SPARC Open Source Operations/Logistics Subcommittee

Hi Open Source Community,

The University of Iowa has accepted the lead institution role in running the Operations/Logistics subcommittee for SPARC Open Source Governance. In this role, Iowa is in charge of ensuring the flow of communication between each subcommittee and participating institutions. In an effort to reach the sites currently using SPARC, and continue to add members to our Operations Committee (one call each month), we ask that those institutions using SPARC join our committee to help shape the way it is used in the future.

The overarching goal is to first transition SPARC to an open source application that offers each institution an opportunity to provide input toward improving functionality and even voicing new ideas. Each institution may understandably utilize SPARC in different ways, so the operations committee will work to identify key areas for improvement. The perceived success of implemented changes to SPARC will be based on feedback from each institution, which is the reason we hope to collaborate with everyone interested in participating on the monthly call. This will help to provide better direction for achieving desirable milestones.

As you may recall, in late 2016 there was a transition from MUSC hosting a monthly update call, to now having an Open Source Governance Committee platform. The committee is compiled of three subcommittees that include a Steering, Operations/Logistics, and Technical subcommittee. There is currently representation (pertaining to future development and sustainability) from MUSC, Iowa, Utah, LA CaTS, and VCU on all three of the subcommittees. The immediate goal is to better understand how each institution uses SPARC, to provide infrastructure and resources for SPARC,  as well as to weigh/discuss pros and cons experienced at each site to enhance future functionalities.


-SPARCRequest OS Committee

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