SPARCRequest System Email User Manual v1.5.6

160524-SPARCRequestlogoHi OS Community,

Check out our SPARCRequest System Email User Manual that was recently put together and discussed on our last OS call.  Take a look and please give us any feedback before or during our next call on 6/20.

SPARCRequest System Email User Manual v1.5.6

-The SPARC Team

2 thoughts on “SPARCRequest System Email User Manual v1.5.6

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  1. Thanks for making this document available to OS Community. One question about the email sample to study team (in #1 and #3): Is the paragraph right below the “To View and/or MAKE any changes to this request…” link a new addition that will be shared?


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  2. Hi Ying,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The “To View and/or Make any changes..” link in the Email #1 and #3 are in the current version of emails that SPARCRequest sends out to users, and it links back to the user portal/Dashboard homepage.

    We are currently working on making the emails more useful, which includes language and provided information changes, and making the links more specific to the related protocol on user portal/Dashboard. The email reconfigurations should be coming out in a couple of coming productions (SPARCRequest v1.7.5 and v1.8.0), and we will update the email manual accordingly.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or feedbacks.
    -The SPARC Team


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