Core Facility Management & Scheduling – Interested?

Hello Community!

We’re interested in your feedback. What are your thoughts about SPARC potentially including the ability to manage core facility requests and schedule core facility equipment/resources? Would you, as a SPARC site, be interested in utilizing such functionality? Does your site already have a core facility management and scheduling system? Would you, as a SPARC site, be interested in collaborative development of such a module? There seems to be some early interest in having SPARC potentially expand into this new territory. Please comment and share your thoughts! We’re interested to hear what you, our collaborators, think!

4 thoughts on “Core Facility Management & Scheduling – Interested?

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  1. This functionality is something our team at Iowa desires. Most of our basic science cores requires this type of functionality in order to schedule instruments. Some of the other tools our cores use are Quartzy, Idea Elan, ILabs, and a home grown scheduling module. We have discussed the possibility of developing this, but decided to tackle a few other items first. We would love to engage in a larger discussion to bring this forward.


  2. Would this module have the potential ability to sync with Microsoft Outlook? This may of interest to the LA CaTS Center. We utilize Microsoft Outlook and it would be helpful if the module could update someone’s Outlook Calendar when considering requests.


  3. Heath – some of our cores also use iLab and we have mapped out functionality to interface with it, but we’re wondering if we could just build it out in SPARC. Some of the work your team is already doing (with a possible Step 2.5 or 3.5 which asks additional information) could be a wonderful fit with this type of request. Should we discuss as a group on the May OS call? We’re definitely interested in some of your thoughts! Thanks for sharing.


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